Our Dogs


Cruz is our Sire for our WT puppies.  He has a beautiful red and black coat, a long muzzle, and almond shaped eyes. He is very lean and he never gets sick, he is a very healthy dog. He has a wonderful temperament, we characterize him as a TOTAL sweetheart! He is a great listener, he was so very easy to train. He refuses to bark unless he sees a stranger or an animal in the yard (deer, cats, or raccoons). He will do almost anything you ask him and he is very friendly. His favorite things are playing in the water and snow. Cruz is a very mellow dog, and is perfectly content with anything; hiking, walking or just cuddling in the house.

Chloe Mama

Chloe, is a wild child, she was our first WT that we brought into our lives. She has an excellent temperament, she is the alpha female in our house a real leader that’s for sure. We like to think that the she gives our puppies that extra confidence that is a very well known quality of the WT. She is smart as a whip! Some of her favorite things are  running errands around town, walking downtown, and going fishing with us. Swimming in lakes and playing in the river in the summer time, and hunting for ground squirrels & rabbits in the mountains when we go hiking.

Maya our dam

Maya our girl who just had her first litter this year has been a joy to have. She is Chloe’s daughter and was sired by a WT from Russia. Maya has amazing physical agility is very obedient with even temperament. Her coat is thick with a true tan and black color.

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