About Us

We are breeders that strive to breed quality companion Welsh Terriers. Our number one priority is the health and well-being of the pups we raise. We treat our dogs as an intricate part of our lives, they are true family members. I feel that I have had a special connection with all animals in general at a very young age. From saving skunks at an early age to many more numerous rescues along the way, I have a special place in my heart for the animals I love and care for.

About our breeding, we emphasize on the Welsh’s health. This includes everything from nutrition, exercise, and quality bonding to cultivate great personalities, habits, and an overall healthy spirit. Other kinds of qualities and characteristics we breed for is; intelligence, courage, optimal athletic ability and stamina. We also focus on breeding for rich colors and a mid-level density of the coat to be able to navigate a broad range of terrains and climates.

We truly enjoy breeding and raising these bundles of joy. We follow our puppies progress to ensure that our dogs live a long and healthy life. We deeply care about their quality of life and we look forward and are excited for you to have your own little Welshie to be your Nia, (Welsh word meaning brightness), of each day. You will never go a day without smiling or having a good laugh.



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