The pups have left the den

Last pup to leave today, you got a long drive to North Carolina little one! We were debating on keeping her but we decided to let her go to a couple that I know will give them so much joy, which is something we all need in these times really. Our house is quiet and I feel a bit empty knowing that I won’t be able to feel and kiss their fury little faces in the early morning hours or before bedtime. On the other hand I’m beyond glad that they have all been homed with good and loving families ❤ Enjoy and send me pictures and updates when you can!

Puppy Play X

This is the third time the puppies played outside, the weather has been rainy off and on since the beginning of this week. The first time they played outside it was a sunny day, they lightly and cautiously pitter pattered their little paws outside. It’s like they move in slow motion when their learning or being exposed to things for the first time, so adorable. Today HOWEVER….it was nothing but zoomies like nobody’s business, they must have learned that from Cruz while I was away at work 🙂 I’ll have to try to record that one day for ya’ll. Here are some pictures of them, they are 2 days shy of being 6 weeks old.